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Recycle Your Old Breathalysers

What we do

Recycling Your Old Breathalyser

We offer free breathalyser recycling options to our clients (only), together we help create a cleaner future.

For non clients there is a flat $15 fee per breathalyser.

The advantages

The advantages are many. We will relieve you of the burden of disposal of e-waste and provide jobs for recycling workers whilst reducing the issues of increased landfill and safely recycling the assets.
Our recycling processes are undertaken in the most environmentally responsible manner, to suit even the most stringent sustainability targets set by your business.

We do the hard work

We do the hard work by stripping the devices down into their constituent components ready for recycling, and sourcing companies to take that waste and recycle it, thus removing it from landfill.

You feel good

In this day and age of recycling , climate issues and environmental compliance obligations, it feels good to do the right thing. We help you do the right thing and you will feel good for it.


How does this work?

Breathalyser Deconstruction Explained

How does it work?

You have decided to dispose of your breathalyser but don’t know what to do with it? The answer is simple, contact us and we will walk you through the process of sending them to us, and we will take care of the rest at no charge to you.

We take responsibility for your device

Once you drop the device off to us, we will take the stress off you and take on the responsibility of disposing of the device in a sustainable manner.

Recycling Options

We have sourced companies that will take the constituent parts and turn them into reusable assets.


The plastics used in breathalysers can be turned into various products. By re-using you are saving more fossil fuels being used in plastics production.


The metals in the breathalysers are melted down to be reused in a multitude of new products.

Rare Minerals

Rare minerals and metals are expensive to produce and can be invasive to the environment to mine, so the ability to re-use some of these elements is a big plus for the environment.

Got Questions? Drop us a Line.

We look after our customers by recycling their breathalysers, and taking the stress out of disposal whilst ensuring the best possible outcome of outdated e-waste.